Primary Deck-Covering
Underlay for floor coverings in accommodation,
not for wet areas
- one coat, joint less
- not readily ignitable
- easy mixing and application, self-levelling
- one component
- flexible in respect of adding filler very fast curing, without shrinkage
- high strength at an early stage
- very high surface strength
- open for foot traffic after abt. 4 hours (+20°C)
- ready for use after 12 hours (+20°C)
- ready to obtain floor coverings very early
- very good adhesion to pre-treated steel-, aluminium and galvanized deck surfaces

Preparation of Substructure:
All deck areas have to be treated with a stable intact 2 comp. EP-shopprimer fast to saponifaction, which has to be treated with one coat TEFROTEX® SF BONDING COAT. Other deck types upon request.

Technical Data:
Thickness: 1 - 30 mm * *
Density: approx. 1,9 kg /m²/ mm
measured on prism 4 x 4 x 16 cm - after 28 days
compressive strength: approx. 30 N/ mm² tensile strength: approx. 8 N/ mm²

Fire Rating: TEFROTEX® 100 complies with FTP-Code Part 5 and Part 6.