Sound-damping viscoelastic deck covering for inside and outside decks on board ships
- sound-damping underlay for sandwich constructions in connection with various top layers according to purpose of use
- available as self-levelling or thixotropic material (TEFROTEX® VISCOELASTIC THIX)
- not readily ignitable, therefore combination with all top layers possible
- high sound damping effect for impact sound and structure-borne noise problems due to a high loss factor for a wide frequency range
  further information: see separate sound technical leaflets
- very good ashesion to pre-treated steel-, aluminium and galvanized decks
- open for foot traffic after 12-14 hours (+20°C)

Preparation of Substructure:
All deck areas have to be blasted by the shipyard and pre-treated with intact shopprimer. These areas have to be dry, clean and free from rust, oil and other foreign matter. Other deck types upon request.

Technical Data:
Thickness: 1,0 - 5,0 mm *
Top layer: depending on type and requirements
Density (+ 20° C). approx. 1,4 kg/ m²/ mm

Sound insulation values:
please refer to test report by Ødegaard & Danneskiold-Samsøe A/S, Consulting Engineers-Noise and Vibration, Copenhagen/Denmark

Fire Rating:
TEFROTEX® VISCOELASTIC/THIX complies with FTP-Code Part 6.