Ship-deck-covering, 2-component epoxy resin system solvent-free, for using of final surface floor coverings
- joint less
- very fast curing
- abrasion-resistant
- excellent adhesion to pre-treated deck coverings type TEFROTEX®
- antislip
- withstands salt solutions, thinned mineral acids/ lyes, petrol, mineral oil and grease
- open for foot traffic after 15 hours
- several colours/designs

Preparation of Substructure:
Deck coverings have to be dry, clean and free from foreign matters. Primering with TEFROKA® EP.

Technical Data:
Thickness of coat: 2 - 10 mm * *
Densitiy (+20° C): approx. 1,7 kg/ m²/ mm
Solid state by volume: approx. 100 %

Fire rating:
TEFROKA® EP complies with FTP-Code Part 5 and Part 6.