Elastic polyurethane system, solvent-free
for interior decks onboard cruise liners, yachts, ferries, balconies etc.
for installation of elastic final surfaces
- one layer, joint less
- very good noise reduction
- watertight
- high point load resistance
- abrasion-resistant
- anti slip
- decorative surface design
- several colours/designs
- self-levelling

Preparation of Substructure:
Filling of dents with either 2-comp. polyurethane material, e.g. TEFROKA® PU-1-L or cementous approved TEFROTEX®-primary deck coverings

Technical Data:
Thickness: 2-15 mm * *
Density: approx. 1,3 kg/ m²/ mm
Viscosity (+20°C): self levelling
Solid body: 100 %
Pot Life (+20°C): approx. 30 minutes
Drying (+20°C / humidity 65%):
Open for foot traffic: approx. 15 hours
Ready for service: approx. 7 days
Time interval for following layers (+20°C):
min. 15 hours
max. 48 hours
Shore-D-hardness: approx. 35

Fire Rating:
TEFROKA® PU-E COMFORT T complies with FTP-Code Part 5.