Underlay for floor covering or to be used as finished decking on inside and outside areas
2-component polyurethane system, solvent-free
- very low weight, joint less
- one or more coats possible
- self leveling, or as mortar-system (possibility to fill with light weight fillers)
- very fast curing
- viscoelastic
- high abrasion resistance
- very good adhesion to pre-treated steel-, aluminium and galvanized deck surfaces
- resistant against sea-water
- withstands thinned mineral and acids, lyes, gasoline, mineral oil, grease
- open for foot traffic after 12 hours and ready to obtain all kinds of floor coverings
- several colours/ decorative designs
- as a final covering with corresponding

Preparation of Substructure:
All deck areas have to be treated with TEFROKA® cf-PRIMER. The areas have to be dry, clean and free from rust, oil and other foreign matter.

Technical Data:
Thickness : 0,5 - 10 mm * *
Density (+ 20°C): approx. 0,85 kg/ m²/ mm
Shore-D-hardness: approx. 55

Fire rating:
TEFROKA® PU-1-L complies with FTP-Code Part 5 and Part 6.