TEFROKA® PU-1 Synthetic coating

Synthetic Coating
2-comp polyurethane system
- good adhesion to pre-treated steel-, aluminium and galvanized deck surfaces.
- viscoelastic
- joint less, self levelling
- high abrasion-resistance
- resistant against sea-water
- withstands thinned mineral acids and lyes, gasoline, mineral oil, grease
- antislip by sprinkling with quartz and/or hard rock material and final sealing
- decorative by sprinkling with coloured chips and clear finishing sealer coat
- open for foot traffic after 12 hours
- ready for service after 7 days

Preparation of Substructure:
All deck areas have to be treated with TEFROKA® CF-PRIMER. These areas have to be dry, clean and free from rust, oil and other foreign matter.

Technical Data:
Thickness: 1 - 20 mm * Density (unfilled): approx. 1,4 kg/ m²/ mm
Density (filled): approx. 1,7 kg/ m²/ mm
Shore-D-hardness approx. 70
bond strength
to primed steel: > 4 N/ mm²
-breaking within the primer
Colours: green, blue, grey, beige
Other colours upon request.