2-components synthetic resin based on polyurethane, solvent-free
- joint less, self levelling
- one or more coats possible
- good adhesion to pre-treated steel-, aluminium and galvanized deck surfaces.
- viscoelastic
- high abrasion-resistance
- withstands extreme mechanical wear and tear
- resistant against sea-water
- withstands thinned mineral acids and lyes, gasoline, mineral oil, grease
- antiskid by sprinkling with fused aluminium oxide and final sealing
- open for foot traffic after 12 hours
- ready for service after 7 days

Preparation of Substructure:
All deck areas have to be dry, clean and free from rust, oil and other foreign matter.
Dust-free blasting to PSA 2,5, application of TEFROKA® cf-Grund.
For improved corrosion protection as per "BV1900/2" - in addition:
EP -Zinkmennige (epoxy zinc red lead)
EP-Eisenglimmer (epoxy micaceous iron oxide)
Other deck types upon request.

Technical Data:
Thickness of coat: 3 - 5 mm
Density: approx. 2,5 kg/ m²/ mm
- filled/sprinkled with fused aluminium oxide

bond strength to primed steel: min.1,5 N/ mm²
breaking within the covering

Colour: grey, approx. RAL 7012