Based on 2-component epoxy-resin,
System containing solvents
For outside deck areas with high requirements on mechanical strain and anti-slip properties, e. g. ramps, helicopter decks etc.

- multilayered, joint less
- filled with special fused aluminium oxide
- excellent bonding to pre-treated steel-, aluminium- and galvanized decks
- very high abrasion resistance and resistance to wear and tear
- high mechanical strength
- resistant to several chemicals, oils, fuels etc. (list upon request)
- antlislip after sealing with TEFROKA®-HLS-Sealer
- ready for foot traffic after 12 hours
- completely ready for service after 7 days

Preparation of Substructure:
All decks have to be dry, clean and free from rust, oil and other foreign matter. Dust-free blasting PSA 2 ½.
Thereafter 2 x TEFROPOX EP-Zinkmennige (ZINC RED LEAD, 2 x TEFROPOX EP-Eisenglimmer (MICACEOUS IRON OXIDE.) Other decks upon request.

Technical Data:
Thickness: approx. 1,2 mm - over the peaks -

Strengthes: Bond strength on primed steel: > 3 N/ mm²
- breakage in the covering

Colour: dark grey, RAL 7012

Fire rating: TEFROKA® HLS complies with FTP-Code Part 6